The University of 爱德华王子岛 has a history of providing excellence in post-secondary education and building strong international partnerships. Through our new international UPEI Cairo campus in the New Administrative Capital, 埃及, we offer the following 4-Year Degrees:

Bachelor of Business Administration - Faculty of Business
Specializations: Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Organizational Management 

Bachelor of Science in Mathematical and Computational Sciences - Faculty of Science
Specializations: Video Game Programming, Business 分析, and Data 分析 

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering - Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering
Focus areas: Mechatronics, Sustainable Energy, Bioresources

学生 at UPEI开罗校区 graduate with a Canadian degree recognized around the world, 埃及认证, and recognized by the Syndicates.


People listening at an event for industry

The main objective of Industry Day is to familiarize potential industry partners with our Industry Partnership Program and its implementation in 埃及.  阅读更多


Earn a UPEI degree in 埃及

Our new 开罗大学 programs follow the same curriculum as programs offered to students in Canada. At the end of their program, students studying at UPEI’s 开罗大学 receive the same degree as students studying in Canada. 例如, a student studying business at UPEI’s 开罗大学 earns the same business degree as a student attending UPEI in Canada.

What’s more, students studying at a branch campus can transfer and study in Canada.


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A Message from the Provost, UPEI 开罗大学



kim critchley, upei cairo campus provostI am grateful that you are a part of our University of 爱德华王子岛 (UPEI), Cairo campus. I welcome you to, or back to, our campus. I am very excited to welcome our new intake of students / our continuing students.

UPEI, Cairo is a proud partnership with UPEI Canada. UPEI, Cairo is in a privileged position to offer degrees in Business and Entrepreneurship, 计算机科学, Sustainable Design Engineering. With this privilege is imperative to provide robust and context-relevant academic programs that enrich the academic experience.

At UPEI Cairo we strive every day to create a welcoming campus that offers safe, inclusive spaces where you are supported and encouraged to excel academically, 文化和社会.

Take advantage of the many opportunities and activities that UPEI, Cairo has to offer. Attending university is more than what happens in the classroom or laboratory. Participating in extracurricular activities is a great way to have fun, 有所作为, and build friendships that last a lifetime.

Let us always remember to stay true to the UPEI vision: to deliver exceptional experiential learning opportunities to our students so that they may develop to their full potential in the classroom and in the community.

It is an honour for me to lead this ground-breaking institution and to be a part of establishing its history. I wish everyone all the best in this academic year ahead of us.


Dr. 金一. 奎奇立

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